How to Find the Best Divorce Lawyer in Hong Kong?

How to find the best divorce lawyer in Hong Kong?

There has been a significant increase in the number of divorce cases around the world. Even though being a top performer in a particular field should be a reason for pride; unfortunately, commending the Divorce cases is never a desirable option as it essentially involves separating the two individuals through the legal process.

Due to the sensitivity and social stigma attached to divorce your partner; we always try our level best to provide amicable solutions for all the Divorce cases in Hong Kong where the laws are too complicated. In this post, we will elaborate some guidelines on how to choose the appropriate divorce lawyer for your case.

Track Record

You should ask the Divorce lawyer for its clientele. Unfortunately, in most cases, the clientele is rarely disclosed; however, you must ask for it to gauge the expertise of the Divorce Lawyer. A genuine Hong Kong divorce lawyer will try his best to let you contact few of his clients so you can know about the professional expertise of the divorce lawyer in Hong Kong.

Communication and skills

Proper conversation is vital especially in dealing with the divorce cases with efficacy. Your divorce lawyer should be able to comprehend your desired expectations from the divorce. Unfortunately, there is no dearth of lawyers who will take up the divorce cases just to fill up their wallets. In such depressed and lower phases of your life, talking to an unskilled and money oriented lawyer is like rubbing salt to your wounds. It is unfortunate to say that divorce in Hong Kong has skyrocketed lately which is why you need someone who can really deliver the expertise he possesses.

Real analysis

Top lawyers do not say what their clients want to hear, but instead they prevent false and sugar coated claims and tell the client of real likelihood about fulfilling their expectations in the divorce cases. Good lawyers are often the bearer of bad news sometimes especially in cases where their client is a going to be a dead loser. We agree that finding a good family lawyer in Hong Kong can be extremely difficult. Word of mouth helps in choosing the best Hong Kong, a divorce lawyer.


Divorce cases involve conflict custody issues, distribution of the marital assets and dividing the responsibilities for repaying the debt. You need a pro to handle such highly technical hassle which is why experience matters. Ask your divorce lawyer whether he has dealt with any high profile custody battles or debt repayment cases in divorce.

Specific Intent

The best divorce lawyers know how to represent your intent in the best way to the jury. Most custodial and assets distribution request get rejected as the lawyer does not explicitly present the plan to the court.  E.g. in one divorce case, the father, requested the court to allow the psychiatrist to meet with his children. The result? His application was rejected as the court did not clearly understand his intent. The father wanted to win over the custodial rights of his children; therefore, he wanted to arrange a psychiatrist meeting so that his children could weigh the pros and cons for staying with their mom or dad.  A proper divorce lawyer in Hong Kong, in this case, would undoubtedly have elaborated the intent in a broader sense which would have certainly helped in getting the application approved by the court.


The easiest of Divorce cases can be nerve-racking for the most experienced divorce lawyer in Hong Kong. Your spouse’s lawyer will try his level best to tilt the conditions in your spouse’s favour. Therefore it is essential for your lawyer to remain calm headed to strategise the further proceedings if things do not go according to the expectations. That is what you can learn from the popular TV episode on divorce lawyer’s life, see here Divorce Lawyer in Love.

Evaluating the net value of partners

Contrary to the popular belief, estimating the total net worth of both the partners is difficult since your spouse may refuse to coordinate with your lawyer in this process. Proper net evaluating of the net worth will ultimately decide how many assets will be shared between the two parties after the divorce has been approved.


What good an honest and expert divorce lawyer is if you cannot reach him in the expected hours. Your questions keep on piling, and your phones and emails go unanswered. Your preferred lawyer will be handling multiple divorces at any given time, but the ones with high reputation are very well organised and provide quality consultation time to every client.


Fighting for justice costs time, money and a plethora of resources. Good divorce lawyers have fantastic resources and associates for acquiring knowledge, expertise and quick references. After all, rarely a divorce case is too easy to be handled single-handedly by a lawyer. You should inquire about the size of the resources if you are looking to hire the best divorce lawyer.

Sounds Convincing?

A lot of conviction, skills and expertise are required to persuade the judge in your favour. While having a conversation with the lawyer, does he sound convincing to you? Do his facial expressions frown while he promises to acquire maximum material assets or custodial rights of your children? Pay attention to his body language. Does it stand at par with what he claims? Alternatively, does it appear exaggerated? Needless to say, if you experience even a shred of doubt, then that lawyer is not the right choice.

Looking for the best Hong Kong, divorce lawyer?

We have an extensive network of the best lawyers who are incredibly skilled and experienced in handling the Hong Kong divorce. Our family lawyers in Hong Kong are professional and thoroughly understand the need to provide expertise at probably the lowest phase of your life. Throw us your queries, and we will answer every one of it. For more information, check out our website or contact us on our number and we will get back to you at the earliest.

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